Orlind Construction, Inc. specializes in construction management and general contracting for commercial and industrial projects.  Under the direction of Linda M. Orr, Orlind has grown from a small start up to a multi-million-dollar company.  The Orlind team is always hard at work, improving management systems and financial reporting.  While these tough economic times have been difficult for the industry, Linda and her team push on with innovation and ingenuity

Orlind Construction, Inc. is a licensed, bonded and insured General Contractor in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania.  As a WBE/DBE Certified Woman Business Enterprise, our clients include government agencies, schools, state and local authorities, military agencies, universities and hospitals

Contract: $68,000
Lloyd Hall has a dual role as a community recreation center and a public boathouse for Philadelphia. You can find it at #1 Boathouse Row on Kelly Drive. Built by the Fairmount Park Commission and completed in 1998, Lloyd Hall is a hub of activity on any day. Keep an eye out for the opening of the concession stand. Restrooms are open from 7 am to 9 pm and are accessible from both inside and outside.

The rec center is used by many local groups like the Fairmount Sports Association for league sports. There's also free play basketball and volleyball.

Contract: $2,080,000
The Philadelphia Housing Authority, PHA, is the biggest landlord in Pennsylvania. It develops, acquires and leases affordable housing for the city residents with limited incomes. A number of renovations across the city have been completed utilizing the agency’s $327 million budget.

Contract: $987,000
The Housing Authority of the City of Camden has been serving city residents since 1938, when its first development, Westfield Acres opened with 514 units to meet "household needs". Today Camden Housing Authority serves 4,000 residents annually.

Contract: $1,010,000

Philadelphia Housing Development Company is a full-service housing developer with more than 40 years of experience. In all of its development efforts, PHDC is responsible for the complete development process. This includes the preparation of architectural plans, negotiation of private financing, the entire construction bid process and inspection of the actual work by an experienced inspection team. Environmental, engineering and cost estimating consultants are retained under contract with PHDC to provide technical support to its development efforts.
PHDC is able to take on and manage development projects of all sizes because it maintains an experienced professional staff of architects, development specialists and construction inspectors inhouse; and has established a long history of performance with local lenders. This unique capability allows PHDC to be ideally positioned to meet the challenges facing the development industry today, namely, how to construct good quality housing that is both affordable to build and to buy. PHDC is working with the City and others to refine the development process and construction techniques to produce innovative approaches to housing construction while maintaining the historic perspectives of our City.


Contract: $1,230,000
Rutgers-Camden Community Park, in its enormous expanse provides state-of-the-art facilities to the school’s collegiate teams, including as baseball, basketball, cross-country, lacrosse, soccer, softball and volleyball, to name a few.

Contract: $410,000
The Walter Rand Transportation Center is a transportation hub located at Martin Luther King Boulevard and Broadway in Camden, New Jersey, named for Walter Rand, a former New Jersey State Senator, who specialized in transportation issues while serving in both houses of the New Jersey Legislature. The transit center features a station for the River Line and the Broadway Station for the PATCO Speedline. The transit center opened on March 15, 2004, and was built on top of the existing PATCO Broadway Station, which opened as one of the four original stations on the Bridge Line on June 7, 1936. Southbound service from the station via the River Line is available to the Camden Waterfront. Northbound service is available to the Trenton Rail Station with connections to New Jersey Transit trains to New York City, SEPTA trains to Philadelphia, and Amtrak trains. Westbound service via PATCO is available to Philadelphia and eastbound service is available to Lindenwold with connecting service via NJ Transit trains to Atlantic City.

Contract: $2,080,000
The Philadelphia Housing Authority, PHA, is the biggest landlord in Pennsylvania. It develops, acquires and leases affordable housing for the city residents with limited incomes. A number of renovations across the city have been completed utilizing the agency’s $327 million budget.

Trenton Layover
Contract: $1,200,000
Model $82,000
Station Stop: $3,500,000
Trenton Transit Center, formerly known as Trenton Rail Station, is the main passenger train station in Trenton, New Jersey. It is the southernmost stop in New Jersey on the Northeast Corridor. It serves as the terminus for New Jersey Transit trains to and from New York City and SEPTA R7 Regional Rail Line trains to and from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and as an intermediate station for Amtrak trains traveling between the two cities along the Northeast Corridor. In the 2006 fiscal year, the station was the 22nd busiest station in Amtrak's nationwide system, with 217,747 departures from the station and 218,311 arrivals to Trenton, for a total ridership of 436,058.[2] The River Line light rail, which offers service to Camden along the Delaware River, is across the street. Bus service to the station consists of local New Jersey Transit routes, including Capital Connection buses, serving the New Jersey Capitol Complex, and regional service to Philadelphia via Camden. In addition, the station serves as the northern terminus for SEPTA buses to Neshaminy Mall. Greyhound Bus service to the station was previously available but has been discontinued.

Contract: $1,985,000

Completed in four phases, the modernization the Berridge Shop facilitated maintenance of the new bus fleet. The last phase of the project includes installation of above ground lifts, central fume extraction, overhead exhaust system, fluid distribution system, and vacuum system. Safety enhancements include upgrading of the electrical system and re-coating of the floor with a non-slip finish. The final phase of construction was completed in June 2004.


Contract: $1,230,000
Overall, as of September 21, 2009, the School Development Authority had completed 613 projects in SDA Districts, including 99 major projects: 50 new schools; 44 extensive additions, renovations and/or rehabilitations; and five demonstration projects. Demonstration projects, funded by the SDA, and under its oversight, are managed by a municipal redevelopment entity and redeveloper and are designed to be the cornerstone of revitalization efforts. The total also includes 21 other rehabilitation projects, 354 health and safety projects and 139 grant projects managed by SDA Districts.

Our Professional expertise includes eight years in management for the construction industry and more than 15 years of responsibility in bringing projects from conception to completion.