A few words of praise for Orlind Construction over the years…
Please take a moment and read through excerpts of letters, the original copies of which can be emailed upon request.

Submitted On 11/30/2005
Re: New Jersey Light Rail System’s 34-mile River Line commuter rail
Ms. Orr, as President of Orlind Construction, Inc. (a WBE), was responsible for performing several construction scopes of work related to multiple station stops, the Trenton Layover Facility, and the Walter Rand Transportation Center.  All construction was completed and the River Line began passenger service in mid-March 2004.  It has successfully operating (sic) since that time.
Mr. Bill Keyes, City of Philadelphia, Minority Business Enterprise Council
Submitted On 11/03/2008
Re: Business Relationships
I have the utmost respect for the Orlind Construction organization and Linda Orr and value our relationship.  We are proud to be part of their team.
Wayne Sanders, Vice President, Bell Supply
Submitted On 10/31/2008
Re: Berridge Shop, SEPTA & Trenton Layover Facility, New Jersey Transit Light Rail
Our experiences with Linda Orr at Orlind Construction, Inc. have been satisfactory and we have been pleased to work with their organization on two projects… We look forward to continuing a long term relationship with Orlind Construction, Inc. on various future projects.
Thomas M. Hale, Manager, American National Buildings, Ltd.
Submitted On 10/29/2008
Re: Business Relationships
We are pleased to issue this letter without hesitation concerning our past business relations with Orlind Construction, Inc.  More important was Ms. Linda Orr, President of Orlind Construction, Inc., exemplified a very professional attitude that made working with Orlind Constructions, Inc. a smooth and pleasurable experience.  We’re looking forward to working with Orlind Construction, Inc. on future upcoming projects.
M. Girard Kelly, COO, ABG Engineered Group, Ltd.
Submitted On 11/03/2008
Re: Business Relationships
We supplied [Orlind Construction, Inc.] with multiple kind of building materials… They retired their debt on time at all times and they are known as a very professional company in our industry and there were no returned checks on their account.  We consider this account as good account (sic) and would gladly extend credit to them [again].
Gabriel Iosefson, Credit Manager, Marjam Supply Company
Submitted On 08/31/1999
Re: Norris Apartments, Philadelphia Housing Authority
As Project Manager of the Norris Apartment Contract I would like to inform you that Orlind Construction, Inc. executed this project with significant commitment to quality and detail.  I look forward to working with Orlind on future PHA projects.
Nicholas Bubernak, Project Representative, Philadelphia Housing Authority
Submitted On 07/16/1999
Re: Bonding
Orlind Construction, Inc. has spent considerable time and money recently to build an organization and take the steps necessary to permit it to grow in a reasonable manner.  The contractor is utilizing some tools that the Surety has recommended including but not limited to the use of Funds Administrative Services to help it improve its operations and help Orlind Construction, Inc. manage its cash flow in a more efficient manner.  In summary, it is my opinion that Orlind Construction, Inc. is a qualified contractor that is working closely with its Surety, Bank, CPA and other professionals to build a quality company.
Douglas Hansen, Vice President, Atlantic Underwriting Agency, Inc.
Submitted On 08/24/1999
Re: Rehabilitations
Orlind Construction, Inc. was hired to repair and rehabilitate two properties at [a] sheriff’s sale.  The work was completed on time and within budget.  The quality of work met the bank’s expectations and both properties were sold shortly after completion for an acceptable price.  I recommend Orlind Construction for future contracts.
Charles A. Hunter, Senior Vice President, First Bank of Philadelphia
Submitted On 08/26/1999
Re: Community College of Philadelphia
We are happy to furnish you with this letter of recommendation.  All the specifications of the job were completed and the deadlines met.  All the tasks within the parameters of your scope were accomplished. 
Regina Carbone, Purchasing Manager, Community College of Philadelphia
Submitted On 08/27/1999
Re: Norris Apartments, Philadelphia Housing Authority
This letter is to compliment your firm for the work that was performed for us on the Philadelphia Housing Authority Projects. … Your firm’s completion of your work on time and with the quality that was demanded was helpful in completing our Contract obligation to the Authority.  We wish to thank you for those efforts and we look forward to working with your firm in the future.
Artis T. Ore, President, Artis T. Ore, Inc.
Submitted On 11/22/2005
Re: Berridge Shop, Chasis Wash Building, SEPTA
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to provide you with Ms. Linda Orr[’s] performance evaluation in my project as Construction Manager.  To be a Contractor and an owner at the same time in a construction project requires a lot of dedication and experience in managing material and manpower flow including the business aspect of the project.  Considering the quality of work performed, judgement made, and her creativity and ability to work under pressure in a complex project, Ms. Orr is a well capable project manager.  That’s how I appraise Ms. Orr when she completed the Berridge Shop Parts and Chasis Wash Building project.  Although the project was delayed for no fault of her own the project was completed with minimal change order.  Ms. Linda Orr is recommendable to perform various construction management tasks.
Rey Santos, Project Manager, SEPTA
Submitted On 08/30/1999
Re: Norris Apartments, Philadelphia Housing Authority
It is with great pleasure that I furnish you with a letter of recommendation concerning your ability to implement construction projects.  Your cooperative working approach and your attention to details are notable attributes in today’s business environment.
Vincent T. Cangelosi, Director, Resources for Housing Development
Submitted On 09/02/1999
Re: Rehabilitations
It is my pleasure to submit your performance evaluation.  Your acceptable quality of work and commitment to job completion is commendable. 
Robert Wright, Inspector, Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
Submitted On 06/27/1996
Re: Rehabilitations
Orlind Construction has been awarded several contracts by PHDC for the rehabilitation and general contracting work, and to the best of my knowledge, Orlind’s work has been acceptable. 
Michael Margo, D&C Director, Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation
Submitted On 08/24/1999
This is to inform you that Orlind Construction, Inc. has executed contract work for AHOME.  We were pleased with the final product, which was completed on time.
Donna Turner, Executive Director, Affordable Homes of Millville Ecumenical
Submitted On 10/31/2008
Re: SEPTA projects
Better Engineering Mfg. has done business with Orlind, Inc. involving a large project for Septa in Pennsylvania.  The project went smoothly, especially considering the complexity of the deal.  In the end, everyone was happy and everyone got paid.  I highly recommend Orlind, Inc. as a great company to do business with.  They are very professional and easy to work with.
Matthew Kelly, Vice President of Sales, Better Engineering Mfg.